"Landowners" Frequently Asked Questions


I've never leased my property before.  How does this all work?


Simple!  We find outdoorsmen/women to lease the hunting rights to your property.  You do not need to do anything.  We put together a professionally written lease agreement based on your terms.  We list and market your property.  We also handle all the paperwork, insurance, and payments.  There is no money out of your pocket!  The agreement will be between you and the hunting group.  We act as a third party beneficiary and a liason between you and the hunting group.  To get started...


1. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

2. Phone Consultation - we will have a phone consutation with you to learn more about your property and answer any questions you may have

3. Verification/Research - we will then verify property ownership via public records and print up Google Earth & tax maps.

4. Property Walk-Through Assessment - we will conduct a walk-through assesment of your property.  We also take pictures/videos for marketing purposes and conduct a thorough scouting report to determine the quality of game and habitat of the land.

5. Listing Price - we will give you a call and suggest a listing price based on our walk-through scouting report of the property.

6. Listing Agreement - we will send over a copy of the listing agreement to be signed.

7. Property Listing/Marketing - we will list and market the property to outdoorsmen/women through a variety of sources, networks and social media.

8. Prospects - interested parties will be given directions to the property and any additional pertinent details about the land.

9. Prospects Walk-Through - interested parties will scout the property and then contact us to make a deposit if they desire to move forward.

10. Agreement - we will send over the lease agreement to be signed by the lessees.  They will have 14 days to make full payment or their deposit will be forfeited

11. Agreement - after lessees sign paperwork we will send to you for signature.  We will send fully executed copies of the agreement to all parties.

12. Payment - once full payment is made we will immediately send you a check for the amount agreed upon minus our fee.  Or if you are local to Pittsburgh we can drop the check off in person.


In some situations we may suggest improvements to the property such as clearing trails, signage, clearing parking areas, removing debris etc.  This makes the property more marketable to hunters.  In many situations we are willing to make these improvements ourselves and will simply suggest an increase in our marketing fee.  This is something we will discuss with you beforehand.


What are the terms of these agreements?


We completely customize the agreements to fit your needs.  If you want to allow or disallow certain items then that is completely up to you.  We will also make suggestions based on your property.  For example, perhaps you want to only allow archery hunting, designate parking areas or not allow ATV use.  We will make suggestions based on our scouting report and customize the lease to your liking.


What are your fee's?  Do I have to pay anything out of pocket?


No, you do not pay anything out of pocket.  We simply remove our fee as a percentage from the total price of the hunting licensing agreement (aka lease agreement).  This percentage is dependent upon several different variables.


How does the pricing work?  Is it per hunter/group?


Pricing is for the entire property regardless of how many hunters there are - up to the maximum allowable hunters for the property.


What do you mean by “maximum allowable hunters?”


That is the total number of hunters allowed in the lease.  All lessees must be listed on the lease agreement along with their signature.  For example, if the lease has a maximum of 5 people, than a maximum of up to 5 people can hunt that property at any time. Not 5 guys this week and then 5 different guys the following week. This management technique is mainly to maintain game populations and ensure that these properties are quality properties for years to come. Our landowners contract with us because we still give them the control of who enters their property instead of countless club members that don't become familiar with the property. More hunting pressure = less success and poor game management. We want our lessees to come back and our landowners to continue working with us for future years to come all while maintaining healthy and thriving wildlife populations.


Does the lease agreement include the hunting parties contact info?


Yes, the agreement will include each individuals contact info and signature.


How long is the lease good for?


A majority of our leases are 12 months.  Most landowners opt for annual leases but multi-year or seasonal leases are always an option if desired.


When exactly does the lease start?


Leases will begin once we receive the signed hunting licensing agreement (aka lease agreement) along with payment in full.  A deposit is required in order to immediately reserve the property and full payment is due within 14 calendar days.  Once we receive the deposit, the property will be marked “pending” in our system and no one else will be able to visit or reserve the property.  However, full payment will be due within 14 calendar days.  If payment in full is not received within 14 calendar days, the deposit is forfeited and the property will be made available again. Keep in mind, we do not issue refunds. 


Will the hunting party have exclusive hunting rights to the property?


Yes, unless there is a special circumstance where the landowner is requesting a non-exclusive agreement.  If this circumstance exists, it will be specially noted under the property description and within the lease agreement.  Otherwise, all hunting rights are exclusive to the lessee. 


Will anyone else have access to the property besides the hunting group?

Yes, the landowner will still have a right to access their own property and in many cases the landowner will live on the property.  Normal farming operations will still take place along with other lease activities such as gas leases or farming leases may exist on the property as well.  These individuals and their associates will still have access to the property.  However, all hunting rights will be exclusive to the lessees only.


How do I recieve my payment?


As soon as we receive payment in full we will cut a check for your portion and mail it directly to you. 


Are there any additional fees such as membership fees or hidden fees?


Nope, not at all!


Does the lease include insurance?


Yes, each one of our leases includes a $2 million liability insurance policy covering both the lessees and the landowner. 


Is ther a listing agreement required to work with your organization?


Yes, once you decide to move forward with us.  We will send over the listing agreeement and start working on the details to get your property listed!


What if I decide to cancel the listing agreement with Struttin & Ruttin Hunting Leases, LLC?


No problem, we ask for 60 days notice.  Most leasing companies require 1 year notice.  We like to keep things simple!


I have an old building on my property, can I offer that as an amenity to the hunting group?


Absolutely! the more amenities, the better.  Assuming, any structures offerred as an ameninty are structurally sound and safe.  Some common amenities landowners sometimes offer are: cabins for hunting, barn for butchering, freezer space for storing meat, running water, camp sites, grill, nice parking areas etc. (you can get creative here!  The more amentities the better!).


I've had problems with hunters on my property before, why should I consder leasing?


Unfortunately, this is a common issue for many landowners.  You are kind enough to allow a hunter(s) to use your property and find out it was a mistake.  We've seen it time and again and completely understand.  However, keep in mind, the hunting group that would be willing to pay the money in order to lease your property are typically very responsible and respective.  They usually treat the property as if it were their own.  In many cases, the lessees form lasting relationships with the landowners which are mutually beneficial.  Keep in mind, the agreements include all contact information of the lessees.  Finally, the agreements are written in such a way that they protect the landowner.  If there are problems that arise with the hunting party then typically the landowner can cancel the agreement.  This has yet to happen.


I own a small piece of property in a populated area but have problems with deer destroying my landscape, can you help?


Absolutely!  Typically, we can help in situations like this.  First, we would need to learn more about your property and its location.  In most situations we can set up a special lease program for your property that would only permit "archery" hunting.  Each state has their own regulations as it relates to hunting.  Usually, archery regulations are pretty lax due to the safe nature of archery hunting.  Although, we typically look for landowners with at least 10 acres.  We can help if you have as little as an acre or more. Give us a call and lets discuss!


I own 5 acres of land and have an overabundance of deer and turkey.  They are destroying my landscape and gardens.  I love the idea of leasing but don't want several hunters running around my property.  


This is completely understandable and a common issue for landowners.  We can definitely help!  We work with you to create the lease agreement and will include any special requirements you wish.  We also make suggestions based on your needs and based on the property.  For example,  for any property less than 10 acres we would most likely suggest limiting it to one hunter and archerly only.  Each agreement will be customized to your wants/needs.


My neighbors and I are interested in putting together a lease program for all of our properties together.  Is this possible? 


Absolutely!  We can completey customize the agreements with multiple landowners etc.


I want to restrict the size of bucks taken on my pr0perty in order to ensure quality deer management (QDM).  Can we include that in the agreement?  


Absolutely!  We are proponents of QDM and can help make recommendations based on these practices.




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