"Hunters" Frequently Asked Questions


What properties do you have available?  Do you have any properties that will be available soon?


We receive daily inquiries from hunters looking for properties.  We wish we could help every hunter that contacts us.  However, the only properties that we have available are already listed on this website under "Available Properties".  Also, we list properties as soon as we know they are going to be available.  The best way to be alerted to new property listings is to sign up for email alerts.  Please visit the "Contact Us" portion of our website and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can sign up for property alerts.  


How often are new properties listed? 


This varies based upon availability and new landowners

How do I get permission & driving directions in order to inspect the property prior to leasing?


Simple!  Once you find a property that you are interested in, then contact us and we will provide additional details in order for you to inspect the property.  From there you will receive an email that will act as your permission slip and will inclue driving directions to the property. 


Do I need a “printed” permission slip?


No, the email that we send you will suffice.  Just have it available on your phone in the event somebody stops you during inspection of the property.  Permission to inspect the property is only good for one week.


Will I need to check in with the landowner prior to scouting his property?


Typically, “No”.  If the landowner requires this then it will be specified within the property description and you will receive their contact info.


How does the pricing work?  Is it per hunter/group?


Pricing is for the entire property regardless of how many hunters there are - up to the maximum allowable hunters for the property.


What do you mean by “maximum allowable hunters?”


That is the total number of hunters allowed in the lease.  All lessees must be listed on the lease agreement along with their signature.  For example, if the lease has a maximum of 5 people, than a maximum of up to 5 people can hunt that property at any time. Not 5 guys this week and then 5 different guys the following week. This management technique is mainly to maintain game populations and ensure that these properties are quality properties for years to come. Our landowners contract with us because we still give them the control of who enters their property instead of countless club members that don't become familiar with the property. More hunting pressure = less success and poor game management. We want our lessees to come back and our landowners to continue working with us for future years to come all while maintaining healthy and thriving wildlife populations.


Can I add hunters to the lease later or swap hunters on the agreement?


Yes, you can add additional hunters to the lease at any time or swap hunters out under two conditions.  First, as long as you haven’t reached your maximum allowable hunters for the property and second, as long as it is not during a major hunting season (such as: spring gobbler, archery for deer, rifle for deer etc.).  The lease agreement will need to be updated when adding and/or swapping hunters with their contact info and signatures prior to those specific individuals accessing the property.


How long is the lease good for?


A majority of our leases are 12 months long and will be specified next to the pricing.  If there are multi-year or seasonal lease options, these options will then be specified within the property description.


What are the terms of the lease?

Typically leases are available on an annual basis.  However, it is not uncommon to have multi-year or seasonal leases too.  We customize based on the landowners wants/needs.  Some properties may offer multiple season-specific leases - such as an archery lease and a separate waterfowl lease. Any and all of these details/options will be listed within the property description.


When exactly does the lease start?


Your lease will begin once we receive the signed hunting licensing agreement (aka lease agreement) along with payment in full.  A deposit is required in order to immediately reserve the property and full payment is due within 14 calendar days.  The deposits are as follows:


$250 deposit for leases up to $5,000

$500 deposit for leases up to $10,000

$1,000 deposit for leases up to $20,000

$2,000 deposit for leases over $20,000


Once we receive the deposit, the property will be marked “pending” in our system and no one else will be able to visit or reserve the property.  However, full payment will be due within 14 calendar days.  If payment in full is not received within 14 calendar days, your deposit is forfeited and the property will be made available again. Keep in mind, we do not issue refunds. Inspect the property first prior to making a deposit as we will not issue refunds once a deposit is made.  If you are not willing to lose your deposit, then please be sure to visit the property first and scout it thoroughly. 


Will I have exclusive hunting rights to the property?


Yes, unless there is a special circumstance where the landowner is requesting a non-exclusive agreement.  If this circumstance exists, it will be specially noted under the property description and within the lease agreement.  Otherwise, all hunting rights are exclusive to you. 


Will anyone else have access to the property besides my hunting group?

Yes, the landowner will still have a right to access their own property and in many cases the landowner will live on the property.  Normal farming operations will still take place along with other lease activities such as gas leases or farming leases may exist on the property as well.  These individuals and their associates will still have access to the property.  However, all hunting rights will be exclusive to you and the other lessees only.


Will I be permitted to post the property and prevent trespassing/poaching?


Absolutely, and it is highly encouraged.  We typically put up a few “posted” signs after the initial property consultation but we highly encourage you to post the rest of the property borders.  It is important to make it known that there is a private hunting lease in affect.  This is especially important with new properties that were not previously posted or properties that do not have the landowner living onsite.


What if I catch someone trespassing and hunting on my leased property?


Unfortunately this happens.  People will ignore signage and walk onto private property attempting to hunt.  If you run into this sort of confrontation, we suggest handling the situation in a calm, civil manner.  Make the individuals aware of the private hunting lease.  If they refuse to leave than please call the local game warden and/or police department.  Sometimes people may have had permission from the landowner in the past to hunt the property and do not know that the property is now privately leased.  The landowners are required to contact anyone who previously had permission to hunt the property and inform them of the new lease program.  We suggest handling the situation in a calm and mature manner and utilize law enforcement any time a situation is not being resolved or begins to escalate.  Plenty of signage and a general presence on the property does in fact deter trespassing/poaching situations.


Do I have the first right to renew?


Absolutely!  As long as the landowner approves the continuation of his property for leasing and you provide us full payment and a newly signed lease agreement within 14 calendar days prior to the expiration of your current lease.  We will send you a renewal agreement at least 1 month prior to the expiration of your current lease.


How do I make payment?


We accept all major credit cards (3% convenience fee added for credit card transactions), Venmo, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders.  If you are local to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area then we can even arrange a cash transaction. 


Are food plots allowed?


This is something we inquire with the landowner about prior to listing the property.  It will be noted within the description of the property.  Each landowner will have different views on this.  Some will allow while others simply will not.


Can I use my ATV on the property?


This is another item we inquire with the landowner with prior to listing the property and it will be noted within the property description.  Each landowner will have different views.


Are there any additional fees such as membership fees or hidden fees?


No.  All fees will be outlined in the lease agreement.


Does my lease include insurance?


Yes, each one of our leases includes a $2 million liability insurance policy covering both the lessees and the landowner. 

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