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Michael Purcell – President

Michael Purcell is president and owner of Struttin & Ruttin Hunting Leases, LLC.  Michael is a lifelong outdoorsman growing up fishing and camping with his family as a child. However, it wasn’t until he was introduced to hunting at the late age of 18 that he found his true passion.  Since Michael’s introduction to hunting, he has been an avid hunter and conservationist.  He strongly believes in protecting and embracing our heritage as hunter/gatherers and procuring healthy, organic quality, free range meat in an ethical and fair chase manner.  Michael’s favorite seasons are spring gobbler, archery, and waterfowl with his chocolate lab “Hunter”.  But Michael can be found pursuing any legal game during any legal season as long as he is outdoors enjoying nature.  He also enjoys thoroughly scouting properties, hiking, fishing, boating and camping. 

Michael started this organization to be more involved in the outdoors and help connect landowners with responsible sportsmen.  He knows how tough it can be for hunters to find good, quality, and safe land to hunt while also recognizing the challenges landowners face with determining whether to let people hunt their property.  Michael works as a fulltime sales professional in the software industry.  He uses his expertise from his professional career to the benefit of landowners and sportsmen through this leasing company.   Michael finds it rewarding to introduce individuals to the outdoors and the benefits to outdoor activties.  He volunteers his time to helping introduce children, as well as grown men and women, to the outdoors.  He is directly responsible for turning many non-hunters into avid hunters. 

Finally, Michael is very conscious in health and fitness overall.  He is active in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, weight lifting, mindfulness practices and outdoor activities.  He also enjoys cooking healthy paleo-style meals for his lovely wife and Wisconsin native, Sarah Purcell, while residing in the Pittsburgh area. 

A portion of proceeds are donated to outdoor and conservation organizations.   Michael strongly believes in supporting these groups to help preserve our heritage as outdoorsmen, conservationists and helping our wildlife flourish for future generations to come. 

Dan Grachen CCPDT-KA – Pro Staff Member

Dan is a member of the Struttin & Ruttin Hunting Leases, LLC pro staff and is a full time professional dog trainer.  Dan has been passionate about the outdoors since he was a kid.  Growing up in western Pennsylvania, he has been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time hunting, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful PA wilds.  Come early fall, he spends every chance he gets either trying to arrow that monster buck, chasing mallards in the swamps, or flushing wild grouse in the Appalachian mountains. While Dan enjoys almost all types of hunting, he favors waterfowl and upland bird hunting with his Brittany “Tred”. Dan is an avid member of Ducks Unlimited, The Ruffed Grouse Society, and supports many other conservation groups.

One of Dan’s passions in life is the training of sporting dogs.  “Flushers, pointers, and retrievers all have something special to offer us in the field.  It is truly breathtaking to watch a bird dog do what they were created to do”.  The love for working with dogs ultimately led Dan to his career as a professional dog trainer. He has been working in the pet care/dog training industry for the past nine years, and is a certified professional trainer through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  Dan has experience in working with all types of training including obedience, behavioral modification, service dogs, sporting dogs, and agility. 

If you are located in or around the Pittsburgh area, and are interested in utilizing Dan’s professional dog training services then please reach out to him directly: 412-716-8912

Hunter Winston Purcell

Hunter is chief operating Labrador of Struttin & Ruttin Hunting Leases, LLC and part of the Purcell household.  He is a loyal companion, best friend, and the wife’s (Sarah’s) cuddle buddy.  Hunter accompanies Michael in the field on hunting trips and loves waterfowl and upland game bird hunting.  He has also had a few run in’s with squirrels and groundhogs.  He loves children and is always up for some play. However, when he gets in the field, he puts on his game face and is all business.  Hunter also accompanies Michael in helping scout properties.  He is on a raw paleo style diet and is in phenomenal shape and health.  When he is not hunting or scouting, Hunter can be found cuddled up with Sarah on the couch, chewing on a raw bone, tearing up a stuffed toy, or eyeballing the snack you have in your hand.

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